Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 12 B&W)

I had alot of fun inking the electricity sparks in the last two panels as well as writing Elizabeth Kraushaar’s dialogue.  I named the monster GRAARR after the Atlas/Pre-Marvel comic monsters of the late 50’s/early 60’s.  I love those old monster/mystery comics by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko!

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 12 Color)

Page 12 is one of my favorite pages from the comic book as it was the first page that I inked….I was so drawn to the page that I wanted to ink it before the other pages.  I love the way Stefano penciled William and Elizabeth Kraushaar in panel 2…..William looks so rugged and Elizabeth beautiful when terrified!  And what a great action sequence with three different monsters attacking the family!  I loved Mark’s coloring, especially displaying the lighting effects with the electricity on the broken cable!

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Pages 10, 11 Pencils)

Here are Stefano Pavan’s wonderful pages 10 and 11 which put together made the double page spread of the monsters coming to life.  I remember how ecstatic I was when I first opened these two pages in the mail…..I knew our comic book was on its way!!!  These two pages where tremendously fun to ink! 

As I look back on these pencil pages, I see where I added a few more shadow lines and altered the Mummy’s hand slightly into more of a grabbing position.  I also am reminded that my inking tended to lessen the scariness of Stefano’s monsters, which are more frightening in pencil form.  I love these pages!!!  Thank you, Stefano!!!  -Rob

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Pages 10, 11 B&W)

I had an immense joy in inking this double page spread by Stefano!  When I plotted this page for Stefano, I drew a simple drawing of the page showing stick figure type images of the the family in the lower part of the page and round heads in the background where the monsters would be coming to life.  And from that simple idea, Stefano turned it into a masterpiece!!!  Bravo, Stefano!!! 

Carrying forward from page 9, the question is answered what the family see in the basement…….MONSTERS! I lettered the “MONSTERS” on the beam for a cool effect, I think!

On the cover of the comic book, I had drawn the monster heads.  Stefano took many of these monster heads and gave them life with a body and identity!  Stefano and I both love the many double page spreads that Jack Kirby used to draw in the 60’s and 70’s and we wanted to do one as well for our comic book.  I think that double page spreads add so much art enjoyment to comics!

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Fan Art by Daniele Tomasi

Here is some absolutely wonderful Fan Art by a good friend of Stefano’s…………Daniele Tomasi.  What a great job Daniele did…..BRAVO!!!

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Angelina Jolie – Beautiful Dreamer from Forever People #2

I was reading my beat up old copy of Jack Kirby’s DC comic book Forever People #2 (May 1971) when I noticed how much Beautiful Dreamer looked like Angelina Jolie on the cover.  What do you think?

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Pages 10, 11 Color)

I hope you enjoy this double page spread as much as I do!  It is the centerpiece of the comic book!  We now see what happened when Bobby left his monster comic book in the laboratory….Dr. Kraushaar’s machine has transformed the comic book monsters into real monsters!!!  Stefano and Mark did an absolutely tremendous job on this great page!  I have this page as the wallpaper on my computer so please feel free to do the same for your computer wallpaper!     -Rob-

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 9 Pencils)

Monsters Among Us #1 Page 9 Pencils by Stefano Pavan!  I love that last panel Stefano penciled.  Panel 3 is really cool too the way Stefano shows the dramatic rumbling.  Wait until you see what Stefano did for the next page….you won’t be disappointed!!!

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 9 B&W)

I initially lettered the first eleven pages of issue #1 myself by hand.  It looked pretty good but not as professional as the computerized lettering fonts.  So, I stopped hand-lettering the rest of the comic book and I chose the Joe Kubert font and gave it to Mark to re-letter the first eleven pages using the balloons I had already drawn into the original art of Stefano and my inking.  

Panel 4, where Dr. Kraushaar is speaking, shows an example of extra space inside the balloon where the Joe Kubert font did not match my hand drawn balloons!   Thankfully, most of the time, though, the font fit my balloons.

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Christmas Gift – MAN FROM SPACE

My friend Marc Jackson recently printed his webcomic MAN FROM SPACE into comic book form, which made for an out of this world Christmas present for me!  MAN FROM SPACE is self-published by WEIRDO COMICS and is a whole lot of fun!  Check out MAN FROM SPACE at Marc’s website below….if you’re lucky, he will still have some copies left to sell you!

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