Eckman’s Toy Show – Rob Wuest

Rob-Eckmans Show Aug. 2013Here I am at the Eckman’s Comic, Card and Toy Show in New Braunfels, Texas on August 24, 2013!

I spent the day meeting con attendees, showing them the portfolio size art from Monsters Among Us #1 and selling Monsters Among Us t-shirts!  Since issue #1 of the comic book is currently sold out, I look forward to doing a Kickstarter campain to reprint issue #1!

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 20 Pencils)

MAU #1 Pencils Page 20I enjoyed inking Stefano’s wonderful buildings in Panel 1 only to write extensive dialogue that covered them up!  This is a difficulty in writing a comic book……..deciding how much to write and how much beautiful art is to be covered over.  I love how Stefano created this elaborate maching to sharpen the wooden stakes….such imagination!  And finally, the determined look of Dr. Kraushaar in the last panel is sensational!

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 20 B&W)

MAU #1 B&W Page 20It was fun to ink the last panel with Dr. Kraushaar and his wife….who looks very beautiful here, I think!  Stefano penciled Dr. Kraushaar with a very determined look on his face……..ready to hunt a Vampire!

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 20 Color)

Page 20I very much enjoyed writing the dialogue for the first two panels, taking into account the hysteria over comic books in the mid-1950′s which led to congressional hearings and the subsequent Comics Code stamp!  Stefano’s penciling on the crowd scene and the floating heads is terrific and very reminiscent of the 50’s/60’s comics!  As always, Mark’s coloring is first rate with the old school colors!

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 19 Pencils)

MAU #1 Pencils Page 19Wonderful Page 19 pencils by Stefano!  I love this progression of the Vampire seeking out and attacking the man on the street, complete with the dead hand protruding upward!  A few changes that I made to the page were showing the fangs of the Vampire in panel 3 and displaying the Vampire landing under a street lamp in panel 2.  It was very cool how Stefano shows the Vampire leaving the killing in giant bat form!

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 19 B&W)

MAU #1 B&W Page 19I love panels with lots of black backgrounds and depth.  Panel 3 was alot of fun to ink with the Vampire attacking the victim!  Panel 4 was also enjoyable rendering the dark night sky!  I chuckled to myself when I thought of the phrase in panel 1 “Who, returning home from a long day’s work….Is looking forward to a cold beer and a warm bed!”  Too bad, this man never tasted that cold beer!

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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 19 Color)

Page 19The Vampire attacks his first victim!  Since Stefano and I wanted kids to able to read MONSTERS AMONG US as well as adults, we tried not to make the monster killings overly gory, but rather let the reader’s imagination fill in the blanks.  For instance, I love the hand sticking up that Stefano did signifying death!

As for the coloring, I like how the comic books of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s would sometimes color images in all one color… would really create a nice mood like lighting in a black and white movie.  I asked Mark to look for pages to color this way and I think he did a great job on this page, in particular panels 3 and 4.

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Kraushaar Family Generations by Stefano Pavan

Stefano sent me this wonderful surprise of the Kraushaar generations by drawing an amazing likeness of my great-grandfather, Dr. William Kraushaar (seen on the right), who is the inspiration for our MONSTERS AMONG US scientist of the same name!  So, here we have three generations of Kraushaar men, including young Bobby wearing quite a cool t-shirt!  Look for the real Dr. Kraushaar making an appearance as a character in an upcoming issue of the comic book!  Thank you, Stefano!!!  -Rob-

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Dr. William Kraushaar Action Figure (MEGO style)

 Introducing the Dr. William Kraushaar Action Figure!  I discovered a few websites (Dr. Mego’s Repros, Classic TV Toys) devoted to providing parts and clothing to MEGO style action figures.  At these websites, you can buy parts to build many existing comic and sci-fi characters or you can build your own!  So, I made this Dr. Kraushaar action figure from MONSTERS AMONG US!  I hope to make more MEGO style characters and monsters to battle my Dr. Kraushaar…..oh, to feel like a kid again!   -Rob-


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Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 18 Pencils)

This page represents one of the few times where I made changes to Stefano’s incredible pencils.  When I inked this page, I removed the covering over the Vampire’s lower face to reveal his angry fangs, hoping to add a little more excitement to to page.  I also extended the cloudy sky fully upward and lettered the title “Vampire!” by hand while Mark lettered the rest of the text digitally. 

This is a great full page of pencils from Stefano!  I love full page spreads and this page is awesome with the view looking upward at the Vampire looking down over the city searching for a victim!  Bravo, Stefano!

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