Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 18 B&W)

I really enjoyed inking this page…from the night sky to the Vampire to the building bricks!  In the comic book, I hand-lettered the titles and sound effects, such as the “Vampire!” title and “Chapter Two” introduction seen here.  Mark lettered the dialog with Joe Kubert font.  I love the image that Stefano penciled of looking upward to the Vampire peering down over the city for its next prey!  I also love the word balloons that Mark used on this page for the Vampire speaking! -Rob

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  1. D. L. LeVack says:

    really love the coloring, logo design, and artwork. I have only one nit pick, the crossbar i in the letting is very distracting and keeps puking me out of the pages. that aside though, great work!

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