Joe Kubert (1926-2012)

Legendary comic artist/creator/teacher Joe Kubert died recently, for which I am very saddened to hear. 

Joe Kubert was an amazing talent that the comic industry is very thankful to have enjoyed his many years of service as a writer, creator, artist and also teaching other young artists thru his Kubert School.

When i was searching for the right comic font for MONSTERS AMONG US, I chose the Joe Kubert Font!  I love how classic and old school this font is.  I had planned on sending a copy of MONSTERS AMONG US to Joe Kubert to thank him for his font……but, I unfortunately waited too long…..and now he is gone.

I regret that I never met Joe Kubert, and like fellow great Jack Kirby, I will have to know these great men solely by their incredible stories and art!  You will be missed, Joe Kubert!

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