Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 14 B&W)

There are many things that I love about this page: The awesome Mummy and Octopus-Man that Stefano penciled in panel 1, the fun time I had lettering the KA-BOOM! in panel 2, all the cool monsters that Stefano was able to squeeze in such a small space in panel 3, the look on Dr. Kraushaar’s face in panel 5 and inking Stefano’s super-cool cosmic, electrified dots in panels 5 and 6!

I prefer the Marvel Method of writing because it allows me to see the completed penciled page before I write the final dialogue from the plot Stefano and I forged together.  In the case of panels 5 and 6, I had originally intended to write much more dialogue, but after seeing Stefano’s emotional work, I decided a few words fit the mood best.

Keep it Kosmic!!!


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