Monsters Among Us #1 (Pages 10, 11 B&W)

I had an immense joy in inking this double page spread by Stefano!  When I plotted this page for Stefano, I drew a simple drawing of the page showing stick figure type images of the the family in the lower part of the page and round heads in the background where the monsters would be coming to life.  And from that simple idea, Stefano turned it into a masterpiece!!!  Bravo, Stefano!!! 

Carrying forward from page 9, the question is answered what the family see in the basement…….MONSTERS! I lettered the “MONSTERS” on the beam for a cool effect, I think!

On the cover of the comic book, I had drawn the monster heads.  Stefano took many of these monster heads and gave them life with a body and identity!  Stefano and I both love the many double page spreads that Jack Kirby used to draw in the 60’s and 70’s and we wanted to do one as well for our comic book.  I think that double page spreads add so much art enjoyment to comics!

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