Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 6 B&W)

Page 6 is a good example of the sound effects which I did by hand.  For most of the sound effects, I penciled and inked the letters on a separate sheet of paper (bristol board) in a large size.  Then I copied and reduced the letters to the size I needed them.  Finally, I physically cut and pasted the lettered sound effects onto the original art.  I liked doing sound effects in this manner and plan to to it like this again for issue #2.

In panel three, I had Bobby mention that the comic book was not a current 1959 issue, but rather a Pre-Code Comic from 1953.  I did that because the 1959 comics were not allowed by the Comics Code Authority to have scary monsters like Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, etc.  So, I had to have the Monsters Among Us comic that Bobby brought home an older, back issue comic he bought from Wertham’s drugstore.

Here is some information on the history of the Comics Code and the stamp placed on comics beginning in 1954:

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