Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 6 Color)

Page 6 introduces Dr. William Kraushaar in MONSTERS AMONG US!  Now, all of the Kraushaar Family have been presented with William, Elizabeth and their teenage son, Bobby.  Actually, Elizabeth has not been seen fully yet.  You will see her soon and she is beautiful!  I used my own family in the naming of the characters in the comic book: 

Dr. William Kraushaar was my great grandfather.  He was a Lutheran minister and president of a small college for many years.  He lived into his mid 90’s which enabled me to know him well into my teenage years.  He was a gentle and wise man…..and looking back I wished I had the youthful wisdom to spend more time with him to benefit from all his many years of knowledge and experiences.  If my great grandfather was a young, strong scientist, then I would imagine he would look like this.  I always thought “Kraushaar” was a cool sounding name and decided to use it since it seemed like a good scientist name as well.

Elizabeth Kraushaar is named after my daughter and Bobby is named after my father.  Both of these names reminded me of 50’s style popular names and thought it would work well in the comic story and setting.

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