Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 5 Pencils)

Here are the Page 5 Pencils by Stefano Pavan.  It was a shame to cover over so much of the art from the bottom of Panel 1, but I needed the room to include all of the thoughts of Mr. Wertham in Panel 4.  I was having trouble inking Bobby running away in Panel 4, so I re-penciled and inked Bobby in a larger size and reduced the image and pasted it on the original art.

I really enjoy the look on the old man’s face in the last panel.  Stefano is fabulous at drawing interesting expressions on people, which is why I like to write the dialogue after the pencils are completed.  This allows me to write the dialogue to more exactly match what I see in their faces, such as the old man saying, “Yes, dear!  Whatever you say dear!”

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