Comic-Con 2011 Sunday

Sunday at Comic-Con was family day as I brought my wife and children to enjoy the day with me!  As my family watched over my table, I went to see THE JACK KIRBY TRIBUTE PANEL, which I enjoyed very much.  Here is a YouTube video of a portion of the panel from that Sunday:

After the Jack Kirby panel was over, I had the great pleasure to meet, visit and take a photo with Erik Larsen and Walt Simonson.  It was fun to visit with these talented comic creators as we eagerly watched as Walt Simonson showed us samples of his latest work for DC Comics.  After Walt left, I was able to visit alone with Erik briefly and I gave him a copy of MONSTERS AMONG US.  Erik is friends with my colorist Mark Englert, so I wanted Erik to have a copy of the comic book.

Afterwards, I went down to the main floor to the TWOMORROWS booth to give John Morrow a copy of MONSTERS AMONG US.  Erik Larsen also stopped by the booth and we talked all things Jack Kirby.  Then, comic artist and animator Bruce Timm stopped by and I was able to get a photo with Bruce.

The rest of the day I spent at my table meeting people and selling books, t-shirts and prints.  Since it was the last day of Comic-Con, I gave away free prints with a book which seemed to increase sales.  I will have to do that at future conventions.  Of course, there were more people in costumes to be seen and photographed:

After the convention, our family celebrated with a seafood dinner at a local San Diego restaurant.  It was a wonderful Comic-Con and I hope to return someday!

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