Review of Monsters Among Us #1

Monsters Among Us #1 was reviewed today by Michael D. Hamersky at the website  I am very happy with the review and especially that Michael really seemed to enjoy the retro feel and story of Monsters Among Us!  Below are some images and his review from his website.  Thanks, Michael!!!

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TODAY’S FEATURE – Blog #3506:

I recently received a copy of ‘Monsters Among Us’ #1 from Rob Wuest, who is the writer of this hard cover comic book.  I say ‘hard cover’ comic book, because it is a ‘comic book’ that is bound as a hardcover book.

This format is used in Europe quite a bit, and I thought at first that the item in the envelope had been sent from the United Kingdom!  It was that nice of a presentation package!

When opening the ‘comic book’ to the opening credits, I found that my copy was #99 out of 200 copies printed in this format.  I also found that the comic book was dedicated to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

I could immediately see why the book was dedicated to Stan & Jack, because of the splash page!  This splash page was presented as a discolored newsprint splash page from days of old… With an ‘Atlas-era’ Sci-Fi / MoNSTer page to draw the reader into turning the page to start reading the story… Which I immediately did!

I was captured by the storyline, the puns placed in the dialogue, and the artwork… all at once!  

It was like taking a time machine back to the ‘glory days’ of the period of Stan & Jack & Steve & Don & Larry when the monsters & science fiction comics were among the best that Atlas (pre-Marvel) was publishing!  Back then, (1957), there were only 16 bi-monthly comics.

The printing was the key factor to my believing that I was in a ‘time warp’.  Instead of today’s ‘Masterpieces’ style of re-printing old comics with clean, white & brite pages… This book’s pages were intentionally aged.  The old school panel layout also added to the fun in reading this!

Trust me on this one… If you are a fan of the earliest ‘Marvel’ comics, those when the ‘Marvel Age of Comics’ was just beginning… You’ll love this book!  Reading this is like reading the backup stories of Tales of Suspense when Iron Man was just being introduced, or Tales To Astonish, when Antman was first being featured. The ‘backup’ stories in those issues were great reading, during those titles transistion to superheroes!

In addition, the comic creators include a team of humans who are responsible for introducing the monsters to Earth… and that gives it a feel of the early ‘Fantastic Four’, minus one member.

Hey, I can’t say enough ‘good’ about this book!

I’m giving it a NEAR MINT (NM) 9.4 out of a possible 10.0 comic book grade, because I loved the concept AND the execution of it!

You can see select pages of this comic book at the Monsters Among Us Facebook Fan Page.

At the time of this blog post, you can also purchase a copy via the Monsters Among Us web site, both in a hard copy and an e-book format. 

As a matter of fact at this time you can purchase an e-book for only 99 cents!  Check it out!   This is worth far more than 99cents in reading pleasure!  But you better hurry to pick up one of the remaining 200 special limited edition hard bound format copies!

My thanks to Rob Wuest for bringing his comic book to my attention!  It really made my day when reading it!  Make Mine Ma… er… Cosmic Comics Group!

~Michael D Hamersky 

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