Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 5 Color)

I really enjoyed seeing how Stefano has Bobby pop out of Panel 3 when running away from Wertham’s Drugstore.  It reminds me how Jack Kirby would have Captain America pop out of the panels in the ealy 1940’s. 

Mark’s coloring really magnifies the crackling of energy in the phone booth after Bobby dials the secret phone number.

Page 5 is where we meet the owner of the drugstore, Mr. Wertham…..or grumpy old man Wertham as Stan calls him!  I love how Stefano illustrated Mr. Wertham with his bow tie,vest and apron.  Panel 4 gives Mr. Wertham’s thoughts about “Trashy Comics” and “Juvenile Delinquents” which ties to our naming Mr. Wertham of Wertham’s drugstore after the famous villain in comic history, Fredric Wertham (1895-1981).

As quoted from Wikipedia regarding Fredric Wertham:  “His best-known book was Seduction of the Innocent (1954), which purported that comic books are dangerous to children. Wertham’s criticisms of comic books helped spark a U.S. Congressional inquiry into the comic book industry and the creation of the Comics Code.”

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