Comic-Con 2011 Saturday


The highlight for me on Comic-Con Saturday came after the show had ended for the day.  My son, Michael, and I were heading upstairs to attend the MYTH BUSTERS panel that evening…..however, once again we were prevented from seeing a panel because of so many fans exceeding the room space!  ARRGHH!!!

But, this defeat quickly turned into victory.  As we were walking away to leave the building, I look to see Robert Kirkman standing in the hallway talking to a fan.  Robert Kirkman is the writer creator of The Walking Dead comic book and tv show, which I very much enjoy!  Robert also is a friend of the MONSTERS AMONG US colorist Mark Englert.  Robert and Mark produced a comic book called CAPES many years ago.

Capes #1

So, I was very happy to run into and visit with Robert Kirkman.  I told him about making MONSTERS AMONG US with his friend Mark Englert and I gave him a copy of the comic book.  My big regret is that I did not have my camera at the time, so I did not get a photo with Robert!

Afterwards, my son and I left the convention building for dinner and to see Captain America, which was a very fun movie.  I am glad the movie was set during World War II as when it was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.  I was disappointed to see that the credits for Joe Simon and Jack Kirby came midway in the line of credits after the movie ended (in small print)……as the creators THEY DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT!!!  The first and primary credits should go to Joe Simon and Jack Kirby since they created Captain America.  Hopefully someday, Marvel and Hollywood will give them the credit they deserve!

Of course, on Saturday at Comic-Con there were more great costumes to be seen……….

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