THE COMA by Javier Hernandez

I made a new friend at Comic-Con named Javier Hernandez.  Javier has his new comic book coming out soon called THE COMA!  It looks like fun so I thought I’d share it with MONSTERS AMONG US followers!

Here is a YouTube interview with Javier about the making of THE COMA:

And here is Javier’s website and some production art from THE COMA:


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2 Responses to THE COMA by Javier Hernandez

  1. Thanks, Rob! I appreciate the support from a fellow creator as well as a like-minded fan of yesterday’s great comics. Whereas MONSTERS AMONG US drew so much inspiration from Kirby, I took my love of Steve Ditko’s surreal/mystical work and infused it into my creation of the Coma.

  2. Rob Wuest says:

    Yes, Javier……I love the whole Ditko vibe in THE COMA! I really like it and can’t wait to see it completed and printed!! -Rob-

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