Monsters Among Us #1 Digital PDF now on sale for 99cents

MONSTERS AMONG US #1 IS NOW ON SALE in our website “STORE” above as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FILE (PDF) FOR 99cents!!!  When you shop in our STORE, you are linked to buy the digital PDF thru a website called:

The Illustrated Section

I am happy to say that THE ILLUSTRATED SECTION is the first Digital Download website that I am working with.  THE ILLUSTRATED SECTION is owned and operated by Dani Jones, a children’s illustrator and comic creator, who wanted to start a website where she could sell her own comics and those of other creators at a low cost, where the creators keep most of the money they earn from selling their comics digitally.

THE ILLUSTRATED SECTION only charges a one time fee of $5.99 to list your comic, children’s book,  art book, sketchbook, how-to books, tutorials, and more on their website.  When a book is sold (via Paypal set up on their website), 100% of the selling price (minus the Paypal processing fees) goes to the creator of the comic!  THE ILLUSTRATED SECTION does not make any commissions on the sale…….what a deal!!!  I wish all websites selling digital comics would offer such a great opportunity for creators! 

I believe that THE ILLUSTRATED SECTION has been in business since January 2011 and I wish Dani Jones much success in attracting more digital comics to her website.  With the generous deal she offers, I wonder how long it will be until many more comic creators, especially the indy creators, sell on Dani’s site to make more profits.

I hope everyone who purchases Monsters Among Us #1 as a digital PDF will enjoy the comic book.  I will continue to post all the pages (Color, B&W and Pencil) to issue #1 each week.  But, for those who want to enjoy the entire comic book now……..well, you can do so at an inexpensive cost with the digital PDF!



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  1. I wish you success with this book! It is an excellent book. I was very impressed with it!

  2. Rob Wuest says:

    Thanks, Jason! I am glad you liked the comic! -Rob-

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