Comic-Con 2011 Thursday

On Thursday morning of Comic-Con 2011, my son Michael and I eagerly arrived at the San Diego Convention Center for the first full day of the show.  My table in the Small Press section was very well placed close to a major walkway which enabled people to see my table and banner as they walked by and also was great for me to see and take photos of alot of costumes throughout the show!

While I was at my table during the morning, my son Michael was out at the PSYCH tv show panel.  Michael arrived at the panel line about 2 1/2 hours before the panel began and he barely made it into the room!  The movie and tv panels are very difficult to see unless you get there many hours to wait in line.

Once Michael returned from his panel, he took over my table to allow me to roam the convention hall.  It was such a blast to see all of the booths and displays!  I especially enjoyed all of the original art being sold.  Here are a few examples I found with an old Jack Kirby Atlas (Pre-Marvel) sci-fi story and a John Romita Gladiator page from Daredevil.  It was such a thrill to see all of the awesome original art, most of them selling in the thousands of dollars each!

Sales for the day improved from the Wednesday preview night as I sold around 12-15 books and a handful of shirts and poster prints.  A young, petite lady bought a small MONSTERS AMONG US t-shirt but she wanted a slim girl cut shirt which I did not have.  She told me how I should add that size to my shirt offerings because “Girls like Monsters, too!” …… that line from her!

After the show was over for Thursday, my son Michael and I went to an Image Comics party with my new friend Blair Kitchen, who was also selling his comic in the Small Press called THE POSSUM!  The Possum is a cool, all ages comic about a young man whose power is to play dead after taking a beating from thugs.  The art and writing are fantastic!  Here is Blair’s website:

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