Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 2 Color)

This page is one of my favorites artistically from the comic book, especially when considering the colors that Mark chose.  Mark was really proud of this page of coloring and for good reason!  In this page, the question is asked, “What are some things which frighten us?”  What scares you?  For me as a child of the 1970’s, I was scared of The EXORCIST and JAWS movies, as well as this giant monster movie called THE WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS!  Check out the YouTube video below:

I really like the spookiness of the old house where everything is drab and grayish, except for the bright light shining from the abandoned attic!  I remember when Mark showed me the colors of the Witch in panel two, I was taken back because I was not expecting the oranges and purples….but it looks really cool, I think!

My favorite panels are probably the last two.  Stefano did a bang up job penciling these last two panels, which were a heck of a lot of fun to ink!  We have the screaming man who is wonderfully highligted among a sea of reddish horrors.  Finally, there is the Ghoul prowling and drooling all over the town……which is a favorite panel of mine and one I am considering making into a t-shirt or a print!

I had alot of fun on this page hand lettering the “Witch” and “Ghouls” and I love how Mark color coordinated the letters with the art. 



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