Comic-Con 2011 Before the Show!

Comic-Con in San Diego last month was so much fun.  We made it into a family vacation where we traveled to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and then back to Texas!  In Los Angeles, we stayed downtown at an old grand hotel that we really enjoyed….not very modern but it had lots of charm!  We took the opportunity to climb to the top of the Hollywood hills to see the Hollywood sign and visit the observatory nearby where we could view the LA City lights from high above.

The next day we visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame and took a tour bus.  On the walk I spotted some of my favorite celebrities including Stan “The Man” Lee!

Then we were off to San Diego and Comic-Con! 

I had prepared to print 200 books for this first print run to take to Comic-Con and beyond till they run out, after which I will do another, larger print run.  Well, the printing schedule go so close with my printer that the books were not ready by the time I left Texas.  So, they had to be shipped to meet me in San Diego.  Fortunately, the books arrived at the UPS Store across the street from Comic-Con on Tuesday, the day before Comic-Con Preview Night opened!  Talk about close calls!!!

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