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I had the privilege to be interviewed by Luis Calderon with at Comic-Con in San Diego.  It was a pleasure to meet Luis, who is very high energy and passionate about comics!  My portion of the interview begins at the 9:30 time mark.  Here are links below from the interview and the writeup.  Thank you, Luis!

 – Rob

Visiting the Small Press Pavilion at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 (Luis Calderon):

With all the noise coming from all fronts for the latest movie or television property being promoted at San Diego Comic-Con, it’s easy for many to totally pass over the independent comic creators that inhabit the booths far from the screaming Twilight fans clamoring for t-shirts or the packed tv cast signings at the other end of the exhibition hall. But our man Luis Calderon, a comic creator himself, took the time to meet some of these creative types to find out what they had to offer comic lovers of all types at the biggest comic convention (yes, it’s still a COMIC convention) in the world!

If you checked your exhibition hall map at Comic-Con, there’s a section called Small Press, which is the home of all the struggling creators who love comics, who love creating them, and spent almost every dime they had to bring their creative works to you. They usually don’t have Marvel or DC money, but there’s lots of big talent to go around.

So whether you got the chance to check out that corner of the convention center or not, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a snack, and sit back as Luis takes you on a tour of some of the extremely talented Small Press people he met at San Diego Comic-Con. If you see something you like, be sure to visit their sites linked in this post just below the video…

To check out more from the folks featured in the video, visit their sites:
Bobby Rubio:
Mike Aushenker:
Jason Brubaker:
Rob Wuest:
Brent Otey:
Russ Kazmierczak, Jr.:
Jason Edmiston:
Blair Kitchen:
Mike Kitchen:
Javier Hernandez:

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