Self-Publish or Publish? – Part II

Before going to Comic-Con 2011, I made a post on April 25th how I was waiting to see if a certain publisher was wanting to publish MONSTERS AMONG US before I began showing alot of the comic book on this website.  Well, I spoke to a publisher at Comic-Con but nothing has come from it so far.  Maybe MONSTERS AMONG US will be published with this publisher or another publisher in the future, which would be great.  But for now I am going forward as a self-publisher as COSMIC COMICS GROUP.

COSMIC COMICS GROUP is the self-publishing name I used at Comic-Con and for the first printing of my 200 copies of the comic book.  I will continue to use this as my self-publishing name.  My penciler, Stefano Pavan, refers to himself as “Cosmic Steve” and cosmic tends to describe the story and art of MONSTERS AMONG US.  I always liked how Marvel Comics was called Marvel Comics Group in the 60’s and decided to add “Comics Group” to “Cosmic” to complete the naming.

Keeping it Cosmic!


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