Comic-Con 2011 Return

Hello Monsters!

I am back from Comic-Con 2011 where I had a fantastic time with the debut of MONSTERS AMONG US in San Diego!  This was my first convention to sell the comic book and I did not know what to expect as far a sales goes.  I was hoping to sell around 100 books, but I ended up selling 56 books from the 200 book first print run.  As I talked with the other Small Press creators, it seems I did a fair amount of sales.  There is just so much to see or buy at Comic-Con that it is hard to get noticed among all the intense comic stuff. 

I also sold about a dozen shirts and around twenty poster prints.  In order to increase sales during the last day of the show, I ended up giving away prints with a purchase of the book.  This was very successful and I will consider doing it again at future conventions.

I was fortunate to meet many comic fans, fellow indie creators as well as some comic professionals, many of whom I gave away copies of the comic book or traded for their comics. 

Above is a photo of me and my son, Michael as we prepared to leave for a day at the Con.  Michael was my helper at Comic-Con (when he wasn’t going to Hollywood panels or strolling the floor).  Comic-Con is too big to do by myself, so I am grateful my son was there to help me out.

I took a lot more photos at Comic-Con that I will organize and post at later dates as well as talk more about my experiences at Comic-Con. 

 – – – Rob

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  1. Michael Miller says:

    Wish I knew the book was out…I would have bought one!
    Poor me.
    Hope you enjoyed Comic-Con.

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