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San Diego Debut: Monsters Among Us

Submitted by Rich Johnston on July 4, 2011

I am very excited to announce that MONSTERS AMONG US was featured today on the Comic/Movie news and review website Bleeding Cool (  I am greatly thankful to Bleeding Cool and Rich Johnston for the plug!!!  Bleeding Cool is an informative website which I view regularly for news on comics and movies.

Here is the link for the post:

Late last night I sent e-mails to about 10 comic news/review websites to tell them about the debut of MONSTERS AMONG US at Comic-Con in San Diego in a few weeks, where I will be there in their Small Press Section, table K-2, Self-Publishing name of COSMIC COMICS GROUP, selling copies of the book, t-shirts and prints.  I believe that Bleeding Cool is the first website to plug MONSTERS AMONG US, for which I am very grateful!

I am doing a first print run of 200 copies of the hardcover book, which should arrive next week from my printer.  I will be signing inside the book with a monster drawing, so buyers can have some original art with the book.

After my first print run sells out, I will make a larger print run or have it printed with a mainline publisher if a deal comes through at Comic-Con or after the con.  I had black and white T-Shirts made to sell at Comic-Con, which are seen on the Bleeding Cool post.  These monsters on the t-shirt are a sample of my artwork.

In addition, I am also selling prints of Stefano Pavan’s awesome double page spread from pages 10 and 11 of the comic book, which is full of monsters… favorite page from the comic book!  This double page spread is also seen on the back cover of the comic book.

Speaking of Stefano Pavan, I have greatly enjoyed working with Stefano on the first issue of MONSTERS AMONG US.  I am eagerly waiting for the world to see Stefano’s incredible artwork on the book, which I had the immense pleasure of inking.  Stefano is currently penciling the 2nd issue of MONSTERS AMONG US which features a Werewolf…..I have a feeling you will like this issue also!

I am equally proud of Mark Englert who superbly performed the coloring and dialog lettering.  Mark rendered the coloring in an old-school manner which I love tremendously.  Mark was the veteran comic artist in our group and his advise and knowledge were very important in creating this comic book to such a high standard!

Stefano’s art style and Mark’s coloring really add the 1950’s time period of the story.  I am truly fortunate to have had these two exceptional artists to work with.  I think that comic fans that love the old comics like I do will really like MONSTERS AMONG US.

Keep it Cosmic!


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