Monsters Among Us T-Shirts

Here is the Monsters Among Us T-Shirt that I had made to take to sell at Comic-Con.  I will be selling the shirts for $15.  I really love how the shirts turned out.  I went to a Screen Printing T-Shirt shop in Austin, Texas called UNDER PRESSURE.  Here is the link to the UNDER PRESSURE website:

I highly recommend UNDER PRESSURE for your t-shirt making needs.  Their prices where great and the quality of their screen printing is amazing!  I visited their shop with my artwork of monsters and they converted it into this shirt.  Most all of the comic book art is from Stefano Pavan.  The monsters on the cover is the few example of my art, which I used to make this T-Shirt.  I will have about 25 T-Shirts to sell at Comic-Con.

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2 Responses to Monsters Among Us T-Shirts

  1. Cliff says:

    Hi Rob

    That hardcover looks excellent! I would love to buy a copy (i’m in the UK and can’t get to Comic-con).
    WHat are the possibilities of purchasing one from this print run?


    • Rob Wuest says:

      Hello Cliff

      Yes, I can mail you a copy to the UK. I have been pleased to see interest in MONSTERS AMONG US from international comic fans. I will e-mail you to discuss how we can do this. Thanks, Rob.

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