Monsters Among Us #1 Proof

The Monsters Among Us #1 Proof arrived in the mail the other day from my Printer.  I am very excited to see the last 3 years of work between Stefano, Mark and me come to completion.  I so much enjoyed creating this comic book with Stefano and Mark.  They are the finest artists I could ever hoped to have worked with.  Here is a photo of the front and back cover along a sampling of pages from the book.  You can get a good sneak peak into the overall style of artwork before I start posting the pages individually on this website.  My plan is to start posting pages after Comic-Con, unless I strike up a deal with a publisher at Comic-Con, which could change plans somewhat. 

I am having 200 copies of the comic book printed in hardcover for this first printing.  I decided to print the comic in hardcover instead of the usual floppy comic because it just cost me about $2.75 more per book to choose hardcover over floppy.  I am listing a $10.00 price to sell the book.  I thought about listing the book at $12 or $15, but I wanted the book to be priced to sell. 

I love the look, feel and sturdiness of hardcover books.  I cringe when I see new floppy comics that are dinged up.  I sometimes see new comics damaged while still at the comic store.  Though, when I do a larger print run with the next printing, I may choose to print as a floppy for economic reasons and the traditional look and feel of comics.

My printer is Publishers’ Graphics in Illinois which is very good at printing small quanities at a fairly low cost.  The people there are friendly and helpful.  Here is the link to their website:

I am taking these 200 books to the San Diego Comic-Con for July 20-24, 2011.  I will probably only be selling these 200 copies at conventions since I did not put a bar code on this low print run.  When I do a larger print run next, I will use a bar code. 

I am very much looking forward to Comic-Con where I will be debuting Monsters Among Us #1.  I will have a table in the Small Press Section of Comic-Con.  My table number is K-2.  I am thankful that Comic-Con gave me a very generous table location close to a main walkway.  At this location, I can hopefully attract walk-by traffic.  I am having my comic cover made into a large retractable banner (about 4 feet x 7 feet), which I will post the image when I receive it soon.

Also, I will have my table right next to Randy Reynaldo, the creator of Rob Hanes Adventures.  Here is the link to his website:  I had contacted Randy months ago and he has been very kind in answering my questions about Comic-Con.  Randy is a veteran of Comic-Con for many years while this will be my first Comic-Con as a seller and my 2nd Comic-Con overall (the first time being in 2009).

That’s it for now…….enjoy the proof pages,  Rob.

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6 Responses to Monsters Among Us #1 Proof

  1. Ryan Ferrier says:

    Awesome. Consider a book and a shirt sold if I can get my hands on them in time. Best of luck!

    • Rob Wuest says:

      Hi Ryan

      Thanks for wanting a book and shirt. I appreciate your interest in MONSTERS AMONG US! I will contact you via your e-mail to arrange it. – – Rob

  2. Justin S. Davis says:

    Is there a way to order a copy from you directly? I’d happily send you moolah.

  3. Rob Wuest says:


    Moolah sounds just great! Yes, I can mail you a copy. I will e-mail you and we can discuss getting you a copy of MONSTERS AMONG US. Thanks, Rob.

  4. JasonNewcomb says:

    For anyone reading, I recommend clicking the image to embiggenate. The artwork on these is lots of fun! Love the title lettering, the colors, the line work. Very evocative of classic horror comics.

    • Rob Wuest says:


      Thanks for the suggestion to click to enlarge the image where you can see much more detail into the selected pages from the comic.

      While Mark Englert did the dialogue letter using the Joe Kubert font (which I love for its old school lettering style), I did the titles lettering and sound effects lettering by hand. The old comics lettering, especially in the 50’s and 60’s horror and mystery comics were a huge inspiration for me.

      Mark did the coloring in the old school manner and I did the inking. My inking style is very old school also, as I try to ink like my heroes: Joe Sinnott, Frank Giacoia, John Romita and Mike Royer to name a few.


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