Monsters Among Us – The Making of a Comic Book

Welcome to Monsters Among Us – The Making of a Comic Book!  In this website, I will post the comic book “MONSTERS AMONG US”, which I am making with the talented assistance of penciler Stefano Pavan and letterer/colorist Mark Englert.  I am handling the writing, inking, editing and lettering the titles and sound effects.  What proceeds will be issue #1.

Along the way, I will discuss with you in a step by step manner how my art team and I create this comic book.  So, my goal will be to entertain you both with the comic story and art………and a behind the scenes commentary into the creative process.  I hope to receive your comments and that you will enjoy this indepth presentation.

Monsters Among Us is a Sci-Fi/Monster comic book set in the year 1959.  My intention is to make the comic book fun for the reader by presenting the comic in an old school manner of the comics of the 1950’s and 1960’s….comics that were enjoyed by young and old alike!  I also plan to introduce influences into the comic creation from comics and film.  Have fun……….Rob Wuest.

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