To Self-Publish or Publish?

As a new comics creator, I have been thinking a lot the past year about the option to self-publish Monsters Among Us or attempt to get a publisher.  Obviously, if I tried to find a publisher, but none were interested in the comic book, then the decision to self-publish would be made for me.

Well, since beginning the Monsters Among Us website, I have received interest from a publisher to publish Monsters Among Us.  So, while I am in discussion with this publisher, I will be holding off posting the actual story and art pages of issue #1 as I was originally planning to do as a self-publisher.

Though, I may still end up providing the comic both in print and digitally.  I am very intrigued by this idea of providing several options for readers to access

In the meantime, I will continue relaying the journey leading up to the making of the comic book with my fellow artists, Stefano Pavan and Mark Englert.  I will also be talking about my influences in comics and comic creation.

Thank you for your interest in MONSTERS AMONG US,


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