Monster Sketches – June 18, 2003

Here is the 2nd of the three Monster Sketches I penciled and inked back in 2003, which began the journey towards the MONSTERS AMONG US comic book.

When I started to ink with a brush for the first time to ink these monsters, I was unfamiliar with the materials I would need, such as which brush and ink to choose.  I went to my local art supplies store and the person was kind to give me a Robert Simmons #5 brush for free to try.  I used that #5 brush on these monster drawings and I really liked it.  The felt very much at ease using the brush.

Months later, I tried more expensive brushes but I never felt comfortable as with the cheaper Robert Simmons brush.  For MONSTERS AMONG US, I am using a Robert Simmons #3 white sable brush.  For the ink, I am using the Speedball Super Black India Ink which I like for its dark black coverage. 

I learned that it is more important that the tools you are using feel comfortable to you, more so than to use the most expensive tools.

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