Monsters Among Us – Trademark and Copyright

PLEASE NOTE: The MONSTERS AMONG US website and comic book are owned and operated by Rob Wuest.  Everything contained and related to the MONSTERS AMONG US website and comic book, including (but not limited to) story, text, photos and artwork, is COPYRIGHTED and TRADEMARKED by Rob Wuest.  All other works presented in this website are copyrighted and trademarked with their respective owners and are presented here solely for educational, comparative or demonstrational purposes within the “fair use” terms of U.S. Code: TITLE 17, SEC. 107.  No material relating to the Monsters Among Us website and comic book may be commercially reproduced or distributed for profit, other than for educational, comparative, demonstrational or review purposes within the “fair use” terms of U.S. Code: TITLE 17, SEC. 107, without prior consent by Rob Wuest.  All items relating to the Monsters Among Us comic book and website are TM and © Monsters Among Us and are the sole property of Rob Wuest, except where indicated.

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