Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 21 Pencils)

MAU #1 Pencils Page 21I really like how Stefano gave Dr. Kraushaar a thick, muscular body, which can be seen in panels one and two.  It also was a great idea for Stefano to have the Vampire hanging upside down in the park and to give the Vampire large batwings. 

In comics, the artist is so important to telling the story, probably more than people realize.  The writer will usually lay out a general plot to the artist, like I did for Stefano, but so much story detail usually comes from numerous art decisions that tell the story as much or more than the writer does with words.  In comics, the story is a true equal collaboration between penciler and writer! 

When Stefano and I worked on issue #1 together (as well as issues #2 and #3 that we are currently creating), it is truly a comic book that is co-created, co-written….co-labored!  Stefano is the best artist and storyteller for Monsters Among Us that I could ever have hoped for….and a truly terrific friend also!

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