Monsters Among Us #1 (Page 19 Pencils)

MAU #1 Pencils Page 19Wonderful Page 19 pencils by Stefano!  I love this progression of the Vampire seeking out and attacking the man on the street, complete with the dead hand protruding upward!  A few changes that I made to the page were showing the fangs of the Vampire in panel 3 and displaying the Vampire landing under a street lamp in panel 2.  It was very cool how Stefano shows the Vampire leaving the killing in giant bat form!

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  1. Bernie Pleskach says:

    Rob, I love your style. I’m nuts for that Ditko and Kirby influence, and Monsters Among Us looks great. I discovered it by googling sci-fi monster images and came across your initial kitchen table sketches. Totally diggin’ those sketches..I wanna get tattoos of some of them! Keep up the good work ,man. Great job putting your cool comic together!

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